Horseback Riding

At Couples Drug Rehab and Private Rooms Treatment Centers, we offer so many fun activities that you won’t even be thinking about drugs or alcohol. Amongst our list of things to do are such things as wake boarding, surfing, golfing, parasailing, and now, we are offering Horse-Back Riding! Whether you are by yourself going into treatment or as a couple, it’s a great experience.

Ride side by side with your significant other on the beach in the shallow surf. With the experiences we offer here at our beautiful house right on the beach in Laguna Hills, you won’t be tempted back into substance abuse. You’ll be high on life and all the wonders it has to offer!

Riding the wave to recovery! Freshly prepared meal. Nutritional meal. Surf into Sobriety. Organic Comfort Food. Rehab's Best Kept Secret. Large private ocean view room. Garden Fresh Food. Rehab on the sand. Rehab by the sea.
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Intake coordinator or Intervention Specialists Family Intervention
Intervention anytime, anywhere!!!
For $3,500.00 on all Intervention Services
Couples can enjoy the rehabilitative environment while being individually accommodated in separate private rooms. We have a One Occupant Per Room Policy at our treatment center. However, couples who go through rehab together will be able to support each other during their recovery journey.
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